We welcome the new Micro Focus organization and their Authorized Partners to the Vivit Engage Program. Our Vivit Engage Team has successfully launched new product accouncements to Micro Focus Customers around the world.  

What is Vivit Engage?

Vivit Engage is the best way to reach the Micro Focus software community.  Designed for Micro Focus partners, Vivit has developed a demand generation program that will deliver qualified leads, measurable results and increased revenue. Vivit Engage allows organizations to interact with Micro Focus  software users by developing custom programs that demand interaction and build lasting business relationships.

With Vivit, you will have access to over 40,000 Micro Focus  product users and decision makers that have opted in to learn more about your valuable solutions. Find out more about Vivit Engage, the best way to reach the Micro Focus  software Community.

  • Vivit Advanced Training Sessions at Micro Focus Discover events
    • Showcase your expertise in a four-hour pre-conference training session

  • Webinars
    • Vivit will provide the best way to promote your company product updates and services best in class ROI numbers.

  • Website premier banner ad location positioning
    • Drive business leads from exposure on the Vivit website with 30,000+ pages views per month.

  • Dedicated emails
    • Cut through the noise with a single message about your webinars, events, whitepapers, or product announcements.

  • InForum newsletter featured articles and blogs
    • Reach your target audience with added value articles and blogs, demonstrating your company's expertise in the monthly InForum newsletter.

  • Vivit Partner Directory
    • Annual listing in our Partner Directory with links to your website and blogs.

  • Surveys
    • How do your customers really feel about your offering?  Vivit Engage online survey will poll the community with direct questions and  feedback to our sponsor.

  • Social media
    • When you promote with Vivit, we make sure that we hit all our social media outlets to promote your company offering.

Vivit prides itself on being the premier and independent Micro Focus software user community. We provide information, content, education and events that help grow professionals focused on Micro Focus product and technical know how. Through the sponsorship program, Micro Focus  software partners and vendors are able to present the value of their products and services to deliver revenue generating, cost saving and more efficient processes to the Micro Focus software community.

By sponsoring with Vivit, you will have access to over 40,000 Micro Focus product users and decision makers that have opted in to learn more about your valuable solutions.

For more information, contact Rocky Pisto, Vivit Sponsorship Liaison

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