We are excited to introduce our new Customer Awareness Program (CAP)!

Why Vivit? Introducing CAP

Rocky Pisto, Vivit’s Customer Service Program Coordinator and Michigan Local User Group Leader joins host Jonathon Wright to discuss our CAP services for Partners. Rocky has been a Vivit member for over 20 years and shares his wisdom on the change of landscape from OpenView, Mercury, HP, HPE and Micro Focus.

What is the Customer Awareness Program (CAP)?

Our Customer Awareness Program (CAP) is the best way to reach the Micro Focus software community. CAP has been designed for Micro Focus partners as a demand generation program that will deliver qualified leads, measurable results and increased revenue. CAP offers you many services that will allow your business to showcase its expertise, industry knowledge, abilities, skills, products, services and software demos. CAP allows organizations to interact with Micro Focus software users by developing custom programs that demand interaction and build lasting business relationships.

Vivit prides itself on being the premier, independent, endorsed Micro Focus software user community. We provide information, content, education and events that help grow professionals focused on Micro Focus product and technical knowledge. Through CAP, Micro Focus software partners and vendors are able to present the value of their products and services to deliver revenue generating, cost saving and more efficient processes to the Micro Focus software community.

By sponsoring with Vivit, you will have access to over 40,000 Micro Focus product users and decision makers in over 170 countries that have opted in to learn more about your valuable solutions.

Virtual Community Days

4-day virtual conference.  Keynotes, Multiple Tracks, Q & A and Discussion Panels. Find out more.

Virtual Industry Events

Bring your industry experts together for a a virtual roundtable around a specific topic.

Virtual Clinics

60 minutes Live demonstration and/or Q&A around a specific topic


Vivit will provide the best way to promote your company product updates and services best in class ROI numbers.

Vivit Espresso Talks

Sponsorship of a Vivit podcast. Short, bold, strong conversations shared via the Vivit itunes/spotify podcast channel.

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  • Globally
InForum Newsletter
Reach your target audience with added value articles and blogs, demonstrating your company’s expertise in the monthly InForum newsletter.
Vivit Partner Directory
Annual listing in our Partner Directory with links to your website and blogs.
How do your customers really feel about your offering? Vivit Engage online survey will poll the community with direct questions and feedback to our sponsor.
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Drive business leads from exposure on the Vivit website with 30K + pages views per month.

For more information about our additional services, contact Rocky Pisto, Vivit CAP Sponsorship Liaison.

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