ADM - Vivit Virtual Customer Days 2019
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Day One – Sessions/Speakers

Keynote:  Digital Evolution with Micro Focus DevOps

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Archie Roboostoff
Head of Product Management, Functional & Performance Testing Portfolio
Micro Focus

Tal Levi Joseph
VP Products, PLM
Micro Focus

Software-based innovation and development continues to grow at a rapid pace to satisfy the expectation of seamless digital services. As software portfolios grow in size, it becomes increasingly difficult to plan, build, test and deliver products at the pace the business demands. Micro Focus Application Delivery is integrated set of solutions that facilitate automation and collaboration so that organizations can achieve consistent speed and quality in their software delivery. This keynote will focus on key trends from Agile and DevOps and everything in between from Continuous Integration, Testing and Delivery.

Boosting the Coverage and Effectiveness of Shift-left Testing Micro Focus UFT and LoadRunner Solutions


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Vicky Giavelli
Director of Product Management, Performance Engineering
Micro Focus
Renato Quedas
Director of Product Management, Performance Engineering
Micro Focus

Speed and quality are no longer mutually exclusive. In order to remain competitive, you need both. To consistently deliver high quality software in lean, Agile, and DevOps delivery processes, Testers and Developers must collaborate from the start, and, throughout the entire application development lifecycle. This means embracing a shift-left testing approach. Are you prepared to make the shift?

You can minimize risk and maximize user satisfaction by shifting-left to test earlier and faster with the Micro Focus industry-leading UFT Functional Testing and LoadRunner Performance Engineering portfolios. By attending this session, you will learn about the need to shift-left, why it’s important, and how to prepare for it. You’ll see how Micro Focus is bringing together UFT and LoadRunner capabilities into an integrated solution that enables Testers and Developers to easily build and maintain functional and performance test automation assets directly within their IDE of choice, making those assets available to run at each stage in the pipeline, and thus giving the team immediate feedback to improve quality and increase their velocity.

How to Adapt and Thrive in an Omni-channel World

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Evgeny Karasik
Product Manager, Distinguished Technologist
Micro Focus

In a world that requires applications to be delivered on an ever increasing variety of smartphones, tablets, laptops and wearables all running different operating systems and browsers (aka configurations), test automation tools combined with a clear understanding of your user experience across configurations is the only way to eliminate any possible “bottlenecks” and truly deliver faster more reliable builds.

Business are challenged now to consistently provide the same applications and services across a device and platform landscape forcing testing teams to provide testing coverage for more configurations than they ever have dreamt about within ever shrinking timeframes.

In this session we will present how to implement an automation approach that can leverage different skills across the QA organization to increase the levels of automation coverage for mobile and web applications.

Increased Automation Productivity and Resilience Using AI

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Eran Bachar
Product Management Team Leader
Micro Focus

Test Automation is considered one of the key aspects to deliver the speed and reliability of any continuous delivery pipeline and yet organizations recognize that in average only 15% of their testing is fully automated. When asked about their major challenges to increase their automation coverage, the lack of proper skillsets combined with the cost of building and maintaining automation assets are at the top of their priority list.

In this session, we will present how Micro Focus is leveraging Artificial Intelligence to deliver major advances in functional testing that will enable testers to easily keep up with the speed of applications changes while reducing the cost of building and maintaining automation assets.

Journey to DevOps, Touching Upon Areas Where Micro Focus Can Help Customers Shine

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Tal Levi Joseph
VP Products, PLM
Micro Focus

Digital transformation changes the way people do business, and accelerates the delivery of high-quality, innovative solutions that delight customers and outpace competitors. This shift puts greater emphasis on business value over individual releases and connecting and measuring end-to-end activities. During the presentation, you’ll gain insight into application delivery trends, how to align value streams with strategy, and the integrated roadmap across the Micro Focus Lifecycle.

Micro Focus ALM Octane: DevOps Management & Integration for Continuous Delivery and Quality

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Tal Levi Joseph
VP Products, PLM
Micro Focus
Omer Felder
Senior Director, Application Delivery Management
Micro Focus

As organizations search for ways to scale DevOps and provide greater business value from IT, many organizations are turning to the DevOps management model as a way to better support collaboration, communication, transparency and automation across the value stream. Teams who adopt DevOps practices will experience not only improved quality, stability and increased governance, but also significant improvements in organizational culture that increase employee engagement and productivity. Learn how ALM Octane provides the right DevOps management tools, third-party integration and infrastructure to create an end-to-end automated pipeline to support and scale DevOps—from planning to deployment of applications.

Ask ADM Anything Roundtable

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Day Two - Sessions/Speakers

Partner Keynote: Digital - Redefining Business and IT. A Look at How Trends are Affecting Enterprises


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Rick Sullivan
VP and GM, Application Services
DXC Technology

Stephen Dimitrov
Director, Applications Solutions
Merito Solutions

Hear from two Micro Focus partners as they address how digital is affecting enterprise IT and applications. Topics will include; rapid delivery, agile development and testing through DevOps, automation and migration, modernization and transformation. This session will look at the trends and talk about how specific enterprises have adopted these trends.

Roundtable: Real-world Solutions Using Micro Focus That Drive Strategic Outcomes

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Robert Haas
Product Manager
DXC Technologies

Roger Smith
Product Manager
DXC Technologies

Krishna Devulapalli
Product Manager
DCX Technologies

With significant market shifts towards growth opportunities provided by digital transformation, clients are accelerating their technology programs that enable new business opportunities. In this session DXC, a global leading provider of solutions build on Micro Focus, will discuss how clients have achieved these outcomes quickly by accelerating their transformation to a secure, digital, data-driven enterprise. The session will include demonstrations and insights for why/how they are successful

Building Test Labs for Mobile Center

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Richard Bishop
Test Specialist
Lloyds Banking Group

Richard Bishop from Lloyds Banking Group in the UK will present the decision-making process leading to the adoption of Mobile Center to act as a mobile device farm. He will describe the improved automated test capabilities now available to the bank as well as some novel uses for mobile devices that can be accessed remotely.

DevOps Test Automation with LeanFT

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Graham England
Lead Quality Analyst for Automation
Galileo International/Travelport

Travelport’s software test automation journey began in 1996.  This automation has developed into a comprehensive framework, capable of testing GUI, API and Terminal Emulation applications across multiple platforms, primarily using Micro Focus tools.

In this presentation, you will see the tools and components that make up our automation framework, and how we have used it to confidently step into the SAFe CI/CD world.

Webinar attendees will take away the following from this presentation:

  • Components to be considered for a test automation framework
  • Why the Micro Focus tools have stood the test of time
  • Comparing UFT to LeanFT
  • Dev Tester challenges moving to CI/CD and BDD/TDD


Testing as a Service Platform Model: Silver Bullet Meets Red Herring in Utopiaville


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Mihai Grigorescu
Micro Focus Testing Practice Director

As the dev & test market is embracing faster delivery cycles, open source disruptors, adopt DevOps and Agile models, with a desire to increase the quality and volume of yearly releases, we often find ourselves in a position where the testing technologies have to be delivered as commoditized products, packaged together with specialized services, for a faster streamlined adoption and cost efficiencies.

Join us to discuss (retrospectively as well as our forward looking vision) about Accenture’s unique Micro Focus Testing a Service platform, the highs and lows, the things that work well and not so well, in order to find out (and debate live) if this commercial model is truly a silver bullet or just another market hype/red herring that System Implementors use as a marketing platform.

The key take-away points will focus on the Micro Focus Application Delivery Management and Security stacks primarily and how we have and continue to add value for our clients (with real-life examples), in the testing industry.

Secrets of Test Automation: Identify Objects on the Fly with the Magic Object Model

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Paul Grossman
Independent Consultant

PAIN POINT: An architectural change switches 50 Link classes to WebButtons in the QTP Object Repository. To make matters worse, each object has multiple code references. The estimated combined code and repository maintenance time required would take about two days but the client expects results in about two hours.

SOLUTION: Taking a chance, we implemented Embedded Class Switching into the framework by overriding the .Click method. Within 90 minutes 97% of the test cases up and running.

Then we asked ”How many of our repository objects could be accurately identified with plain English on-the-fly?” thus starting our journey into the Magic Object Model design pattern.

Ask ADM Anything Partner/Customer Roundtable

View Live Q&A Session

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