Board of Directors

Richard Bishop

Richard Bishop


Trust IV
United Kingdom

The President of Vivit has primary responsibility for managing Vivit for the benefit of our membership and the wider Micro Focus software user community. As well as setting direction and providing support for fellow board members and staff, the President attends staff and board meetings on a regular basis and acts as a contact point for Micro Focus when they wish to engage with the user community. The President holds fiduciary responsibility for Vivit and acts to ensure that the organisation remains financially stable and acts in the best interest of its members.

Mark Herbert

Mark Herbert

Vice President

Dignity Health
Phoenix, Arizona
United States

The primary responsibility of the Vivit Vice President is to assist and support the Vivit President in running the Vivit organization. Some of the main activities involved with that responsibility include working with the President and Vivit Executive Officers to review issues that require a Presidential and/or Executive decision and offer my feedback as part of that process, standing in for the President as needed and requested, and participating in weekly meetings with the Vivit contractors to review their progress with various tasks and offer guidance when they have questions and/or need direction. The Vice President also participates in bi-weekly Board of Director conference calls, participates in monthly meetings with Vivit's assigned Micro Focus representatives to give updates to each other and discuss Vivit business and other topics of mutual interest, paticipats in the twice a year face to face Board of Director meetings in conjunction with the Micro Focus Discover events, and assists with different Vivit Committees as needed or requested.

Christopher Scharer

Christopher J. Scharer


CJS Consulting, L.L.C.
West Des Moines, Iowa
United States

The treasurer (see section 5.0.4 of the Vivit bi-laws document) shall serve as chief financial officer of Vivit and will be responsible for all monies received and expended for the use of Vivit, shall cause Vivit to satisfy its financial obligations; develop financial plans and budgets; provide regular financial reports; provide for proper insurance coverage; manage Vivit investments; cause the annual corporate financial audit or review to occur, and shall serve as otherwise directed by the Board of Directors. Other responsibilities currently as directed by the Board of Directors include but are not limited to the following; periodically the treasurer has the responsibility of reporting Vivit finances (monthly/quarterly), ensuring board and staff members have a copy of the Vivit expense policy and the required expense forms for that particular year, reviewing and approving budgets for conferences and any other activities that require financial funding and reviewing and approving expense reports following the expense reimbursement policy. Finally, the treasurer ensures the accounting firm is retaining a copy of the receipts and the treasurers’ approvals.

Karen E. Semonson


Smart Solutions Inc.
Madison, Wisconsin
United States

The secretary shall be the recording secretary of all meetings of the Board of Directors and meetings of members; shall cause all notices required to be given by Vivit to be duly given and served; shall serve as parliamentarian of the corporation; cause the reports, statements and other documents required by law to be properly kept and filed; provide membership records; and maintain liaison with the Vivit attorney, and shall serve as otherwise directed by the Board of Directors.

Colin Fries

Colin Fries

Social Media

New Balance
St. Louis, Missouri
United States

The Social Media chairperson is responsible for the overall direction of Vivit’s yearly social media campaigns. This position also oversees the management of Vivit’s brand reputation, customer relationships, marketing and brand representation. Finally, the social media chair researches trends to keep the organization current and up to speed as well as evaluates Vivit’s analytics on a monthly basis to develop new social media strategies.

Robbie Clay-Ament

Nominations Chair

Delta Airlines
Atlanta, Georgia
United States

The Nominations chair is responsible for Vivit’s yearly Board of Directors election that takes place from March 1 – May 30th. During this election process, the nominations chair will lead a nominations committee; collect and review candidate nominations and questionnaires and finally open and close elections.
Bernard Szymczak

Bernard Szymczak

Education Chair

Progressive Insurance
Mayfield, Ohio
United States

The Education chair is responsible for providing Breakout Sessions, Deep Dives and Round Tables for Vivit at both Discover conferences a year. This is done by working with the Vivit staff and Micro Focus throughout the year. The Education chair is also a leader in the Education SIG and leverages that pool as well as the product SIGs when looking for those interested in presenting at Discover. Assisting the Vivit staff with any needs that may arise needing a moderator for the Vivit webinars. It is also important to stay connected with the membership community to ensure Education goals are being met.
Mark Ford

Mark Ford

Membership Chair

Charlotte, North Carolina
United States

The primary responsibility of the Membership Director is to lead the Membership Committee. The committee is comprised of Vivit members and leaders interested in providing input and feedback on ways to grow Vivit's membership and provide more value to existing Vivit members. The Membership Director also assists with membership reporting as needed and oversees membership database efforts such as segmentation, error correction, duplicate user removal, and remediation of unreachable members. Finally, the Membership Director contributes to any Vivit initiatives that directly impact the membership of Vivit.
Tammy Young

Tammy Young

Local User Group and Special Interest Group Chair

Aflac Worldwide
Columbus, Georgia
United States

The LUG and SIG Chair is primarily responsible for working with the Vivit America’s and EMEA/APJ Liaison roles to provide the Micro Focus user community an organized and independent avenue to meet, network, exchange ideas and collaborate. Local User Groups are comprised of Micro Focus software users in a specific geographic area and meet either physically or virtually on a schedule. Special Interest Groups or SIGs are virtual groups and are organized around specific technology areas. A Vivit chapter member can also belong to one or more SIG groups. The Chapter and SIG chair leads quarterly virtual meetings for both the Americas and EMEA/APJ, assists Vivit liaison roles in growing & supporting chapters & SIGs. Identifies and tracks metrics associated with LUGs and SIGs. Assist with venue support, and connecting local Micro Focus resources with local chapters.

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