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Episode 17 - Women in Technology Series

Espresso Talks welcomes Micro Focus Americas Alliance Partner Marketing Leader, Sheryl Wharff. Sheryl is responsible for helping Alliance partners to creatively leverage Alliance Marketing Funds to drive programs that generate pipeline, market visibility, and revenue growth for both companies. Jonathon Wright chats with her about her career path and all that she has accomplished along the way - the list is long. Sheryl offers some great insight on the industry and many tips for those getting started or looking for advancement.

This Women in Technology episode is sponsored by Micro Focus. Be sure to view the benefits of the Micro Focus Partner Program.

Episode 16 - Women in Technology Series

Bob Crews (@BobCrews_CPTech), Vivit Board Director/Community Chair and CEO of CheckPoint Technologies ( steps in as the host for this Women in Technology episode of Espresso Talks. Bob chats with Vivit’s dynamic duo; Teri Sarallo, Americas Liaison and Iris Boers, EMEA/APJ Liaison about the benefits of being a part of our Local User and Special Interest Groups. Join the enthusiasm from this trio and expand your role in the Vivit Community.


Episode 15 - Women in Technology Series

Espresso Talks welcomes QA Consultants' Tammy Young. It was a warm welcome from Jonathon Wright to former Vivit Board Director and Community Chairperson. Tammy explores her notorious career with Mercury, HP and now Micro Focus tooling on this episode. She proves how you can make a career out of leveraging Micro Focus products from startups to elevator companies - the only way is up!

This Women in Technology episode is sponsored by QA Consultants.
“At QA Consultants, we are Software Quality Assurances specialists. It’s all we do. We didn’t invent Software Quality Assurance. But we are constantly improving our proprietary testing methods to ensure you receive the highest standard of the delivered software.”

Episode 14 - Women in Technology Series

Espresso Talks welcomes Micro Focus Community Manager, Raquel Winkler. Jonathon Wright discusses the ins and outs of the online community and all that it offers its users. Raquel highlights Online Expert Days, Blogs and Tips, and their Discussions Forums. She explains how to subscribe to product areas, blogs, categories and specific posts. This online community prides itself on “sharing knowledge and listening to its users”.


Episode 13 - Challenge of Agile Leadership

Giles Lindsay, Chief Technology Officer for Digital Ventures joins Jonathon Wright for this talk that looks at the challenges that are preventing agile leadership from being successful in the workplace. Giles, an Enterprise Agile Consultant, has identified many of these throughout his 25 years’ experience, working in both small companies and large enterprises. The talk revolves around several big and common challenges, that we as agile champions may face in the workplace and what we should try to do to overcome them, in allowing genuine agile and successful leadership to flourish.


Episode 12 - How Lean is Your SCRUM?

Colin Deady, Head of Product & Innovation for Capita Application Services joins Jonathon Wright to discuss the contexts in which Scrum is a great choice and by definition where it is not using examples, I have had to deal with over the years. I then look at some of the Lean principles, ie: “leanifying” Scrum to rebase it to be suitable for alternative contexts.


Episode 11 - How to Orchestrate Feedback in DevOps

Stephen Walters Solution Architect for xMatters joins us this week. Check out the podcast which will be covering how The Phoenix Project brought us “The 3 ways”. For flow, DevOps toolchains and orchestration tools are very good at determining the fastest, best route forward to live. Failures captured early and quickly mean that we have been able to afford the liberty to experiment continually in small units of work. However, in feedback, we can be lacking. In leaning our process as much as possible, and automating our value add activities, we have been excellent in the route forward through the toolchain to live, but what about the route back through incidents in production or defects in testing. As our route to live gets shorter and quicker, the more evident it is that we must be just as efficient in our feedback loops. This talk will look at some of the issues that exist and what we could be doing to improve them.


Episode 10 - Roundtable Testing Series – Engineering Chaos

This episode will cover #TheSecretLifeOfATester #CrowdTesting & #ChaosEngineering. Thank you to our panel Damian Synadinos, Lewis Prescott, Pete Jenkins, Eran Kinsbruner, Adam Leon Smith FBCS CIPT, Diamid MacKenzie, James Bach & Michael Bolton. Special thanks to Jack Cole of Method Resourcing for Organising this special VIP event!


Episode 9 -Future of IT Operations

Micro Focus’ Travis Greene covers all things ITOM related, including RPA, SMAX, NoM and OpsBridge. Plus future trends such as AIOps, OpsDev & NoOps!


Episode 8 - Guest Speaker Joe Garber

Joe Garber is the Global Head of Strategy & Solutions for Micro Focus. He helps drive strategic efforts to help customers around digital transformation – particularly in the critical areas of predictive analytics, security/risk/governance, hybrid IT, and enterprise DevOps.


Episode 7 - Why Vivit? Introducing CAP

Rocky Pisto, Vivit’s Customer Service Program Coordinator and Michigan Local User Group Leader joins host Jonathon Wright to discuss our CAP services for Partners. Rocky has been a Vivit member for over 20 years and shares his wisdom on the change of landscape from OpenView, Mercury, HP, HPE and Micro Focus.


Episode 6 - Making Work from Home Fun

Bob Crews is our Vivit Director of Community & Florida Chapter Co-Leader. He is also the CEO of Checkpoint Technologies. Bob shares how to make working from home and testing fun. Check out this epictastical episode.


Episode 5 - Helping Solve Complex Test Data Challenges Like the COVID Safe Paths

Huw Price the Founder & CEO of Curiousity Software Talks on how you can solve complex test data challenges, an introduction to Model-Based Testing (MBT) with along with the newly launched Test Data Automation tool.


Episode 4 - – Help Volunteer and Fight COVID -19 with #SafePaths

Vivit Vice President of Strategy and Innovation, Todd DeCapua talks on how you can become a volunteer for the MIT Safe Places project and join the fight the Coronavirus pandemic and help stop the spread of COVID-19 by empowering people to keep themselves and their families by helping crowd test the “COVID Safe Places” mobile app.


Episode 3 - Performance Engineering 2.0 – Challenges due to the

Vivit Vice President of Strategy and Innovation, Todd DeCapua talks about the importance of Effective Performance Engineering during the Coronavirus Pandemic.


Episode 2 - Working From Home - Become a Power User with #WFH Hacks

Jonathon Wright helps you become a power user with some low-cost #WFH hacks, tips and tricks from the Vivit Worldwide community. 


Episode 1 - Vivit Community Needs You

Jonathon Wright kicks off the first episode with a overview of the Vivit Worldwide through Advocacy, Education and Community. He walks through the website with helpful tips for members and summarizes what’s to come with future episodes.


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