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Short, Bold and Strong Conversations Brought to the Vivit Community

These episodes will only be about 20-30 minutes but jam packed with valuable information, hosted by Jonathon Wright.

If you’re interested in being an Espresso Talks speaker to discuss your “Magic Brew” or just want to submit a podcast topic, please contact via email.

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Check out our current episodes

Episode 1 - Vivit Community Needs You

Jonathon Wright kicks off the first episode with a overview of the Vivit Worldwide through Advocacy, Education and Community. He walks through the website with helpful tips for members and summarizes what’s to come with future episodes.


Episode 2 - Working From Home - Become a Power User with #WFH Hacks

Jonathon Wright helps you become a power user with some low-cost #WFH hacks, tips and tricks from the Vivit Worldwide community. 


Episode 3 - Performance Engineering 2.0 – Challenges due to the

Vivit Vice President of Strategy and Innovation, Todd DeCapua talks about the importance of Effective Performance Engineering during the Coronavirus Pandemic.


Episode 4 - – Help Volunteer and Fight COVID -19 with #SafePaths

Vivit Vice President of Strategy and Innovation, Todd DeCapua talks on how you can become a volunteer for the MIT Safe Places project and join the fight the Coronavirus pandemic and help stop the spread of COVID-19 by empowering people to keep themselves and their families by helping crowd test the “COVID Safe Places” mobile app.


Episode 5 - Helping Solve Complex Test Data Challenges Like the COVID Safe Paths

Huw Price the Founder & CEO of Curiousity Software Talks on how you can solve complex test data challenges, an introduction to Model-Based Testing (MBT) with along with the newly launched Test Data Automation tool.


Episode 6 - Making Work from Home Fun

Bob Crews is our Vivit Director of Community & Florida Chapter Co-Leader. He is also the CEO of Checkpoint Technologies. Bob shares how to make working from home and testing fun. Check out this epictastical episode.


Episode 7 - Why Vivit? Introducing CAP

Rocky Pisto, Vivit’s Customer Service Program Coordinator and Michigan Local User Group Leader joins host Jonathon Wright to discuss our CAP services for Partners. Rocky has been a Vivit member for over 20 years and shares his wisdom on the change of landscape from OpenView, Mercury, HP, HPE and Micro Focus.

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