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Micro Focus and Infosys Webinar: Building an Accelerated E2E SAP Testing Suite
Group: TQA November 05, 14:09 PM
Tech Tips: What’s New in the Visual COBOL and Enterprise Developer 6.0 IDE
Group: COBOL July 16, 14:18 PM
#DevDay 2020 from the comfort of home
Group: COBOL July 16, 13:59 PM
Refreshing Insights for Modern COBOL
Group: COBOL July 16, 13:42 PM
Sharpen your competitive edge using COBOL and mainframe systems
Group: COBOL July 01, 14:15 PM
Modernization Facts: The Path to Digital Transformation
Group: COBOL June 05, 16:58 PM
Read all about it! COBOL 2020 Press Commentary – Confidence or Concern?
Group: COBOL April 23, 18:15 PM
Micro Focus: A Solution to the Skills Issue
Group: COBOL April 23, 17:11 PM
Upcoming Webinar: Why Open Source Use is Common and Problematic
Group: Security & Privacy April 22, 10:25 AM
Upcoming Webinar: How AI is Revolutionizing Software Test Automation
Group: TQA April 16, 17:39 PM

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