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The Value of being a Vivit Member
Posted by Julanne Rutten
Thursday, April 11, 2019 00:00
by Mark Herbert
Vivit VP of Operations
Arizona LUG Leader

I have proudly been a Vivit member since 2006. While there are many things that I love about Vivit, one of the main things that I excite me about this user group community (and the reason I joined in the first place) is the opportunity to be connected to other folks like me that are using these same software solutions at their places of business. I felt that by joining the Vivit community I could learn from my industry peers by hearing them share their experiences using these software solutions that I also use on a daily basis. I also felt that Vivit would give me a platform to share my years of experience using these solutions and contribute my knowledge to the community. I have enjoyed every minute of being a Vivit member, learning from and sharing my experiences with my peers, both the successes, and the lessons learned. Being a Vivit member has truly been a rewarding experience on many levels.

One of the ways that Vivit members share their experiences is at Local User Group (LUG) meetings. As a member (and leader) of one of the Vivit LUGs I can tell you first hand that the most heavily attended, highly interactive LUG meetings are those where members of our LUG share their experiences using the Micro Focus solutions. The success stories, as well as the lessons learned from the Vivit members, are so incredibly valuable and give you the knowledge that you can take back to your organization to use those solutions even more effectively and efficiently that you already are. The ability to ask questions of and share ideas with folks that are using these solutions out in the field is truly an incredible opportunity.

My message for all Vivit members is to keep contributing your valuable knowledge into the community in any way that you can! I know that we are all very busy, both professionally and personally, but any little morsel of experience that you can share about your use of the Micro Focus solutions is a key value added to the community. As I tell the members of my LUG, it doesn’t have to be an elaborate presentation where you get up in front of the room with a spotlight on you, it can be as simple as starting a conversation at a LUG event or presenting virtually through one of our Special Interest Group (SIG) events. The more we all bring our knowledge and experience to the table and share what we know about how to effectively and efficiently we use the Micro Focus solutions, the better our community will be!

Please consider reaching out to your LUG and SIG leaders today and ask how you can help share your success stories and lessons learned with the Vivit membership!

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