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Digital Trends - The year of AIOps [World Quality Report 2018-19]
Posted by Julanne Rutten
Friday, January 11, 2019 13:00
by Jonathon Wright

Vivit Board Director
Advocacy Chair

January is always a fantastic month for reflection, New Year’s resolutions or making plans for future. Looking back at accomplishments over the last year and edging big bets on what to focus on next?

That’s why I have always looked forward to last quarter of the year, when the analyst communities publish their major predictions around leading industry trends. Along with the associated quadrant or wave for what is deemed as ‘hot or not’ in the software industry.

The World Quality Report by Hewlett Packard (now Micro Focus) and Capgemini (Sogeti) has been published every year since 2009 focusing on the trends in software testing and application quality.

The tenth edition has a big focus on Artificial Intelligence as one of the leading key trends in IT. Especially, with a focus on Smart Analytics and its ability to help Quality Assurance improve decision making (both Predictive & Description Analytics).

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I had discussed the results (above) at a recent Enterprise AI conference last year on bridging the Cognitive Skills gap (

On Wednesday, January 16th I will join Malcolm Isaacs, Solution Marketing for Micro Focus in a webinar to explore the finding of the World Quality Report 2018-19 with a focus on the financial services sector:

  • How end-user satisfaction is top priority for QA and testing
  • Why an increase in digitalization is driving disruption in the Financial Services sector’s approach to application development and delivery
  • How the emergence of new technologies in Financial Services such as blockchain, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are reshaping how QA and testing is done
  • Trends over the next two to three years that will combine automation, AI, and analytics to become a key differentiator for Financial Services organizations

Based on my previous exposure within the investment banking sector, along with the recent challenges around the OpenBanking API, GDPR, Blockchain and Fintech’s (Challenger Banks) have resulted in post-modern approach to testing and QA practices been adopted:

  • Digital Experiences (DX) – Focusing on digital interactions between banking systems (i.e. Bot2Bot (NLP), API economy (Microservices), Data Quality and Lifecycle Virtualization (everything as code, continuous testing and vTDM)).
  • Lean Thinking – Shift from Centre of Excellences (CoE) to Centres of Enablement, focused shared specialist teams with specific capabilities such as Cognitive skills (i.e. Data Science, Analytics or Engineering).
  • Enterprise AI - Strategic bank wide adoption of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) (i.e. A.I. as a Platform).
  • Intelligent Automation – Combing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with Cognitive technologies (such as Computer Vision) to provide reliable (self-healing / failing forward) pipeline automation.
  • AIOps – Leveraging Continuous Monitoring to power intelligent (A.I. enabled) next generation Application Performance Management platforms.

Call to action – Download the World Quality Report 2018-19 and presentation slides, and register for the on-demand webinar (Live online Jan 16 10:00 am CST or after on demand).

In summary, my top 10 predictions for 2019:

  1. Enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI Strategy / Chief AI officers)
  2. Augmented Intelligence / Public Facing Bots (Bot2Bot)
  3. Digital Cybersecurity (Self-healing security)
  4. Cognitive Skills gap (Centres of Enablement)
  5. Data Engineering over Science (Unstructured/Structured)
  6. Ethical AI (GDPR Ready)
  7. Digital Engineering - Enterprise IoT / Smart Analytics (AI / ML)
  8. Intelligent Automation (Robotic Process Automation)
  9. Lean Thinking / Engineering
  10. Digital Experiences (DX) - Digital Reality (AR/VR) / Smart Infrastructure (I2X)

Live online January 16th at 10:00 am CST or after on demand.

Sources - YouTube – ( / Podcast - (

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