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ADM Customer Forum - Vivit Meetup London
Posted by Julanne Rutten
Thursday, July 12, 2018 00:00
by Jonathon Wright

Vivit Board Director
Advocacy Chair

The Vivit community has been pretty quiet in the UK over recent years as our focus has shifted towards web-based content and knowledge sharing. This was partly due to travel restrictions after the financial crisis and partly because our members felt that they couldn't spare time away from their desks to attend meetings. Over recent months we've seen more people travelling to tester gatherings and events, so we decided to host a Vivit meeting immediately after the ADM Customer Forum hosted by Micro Focus in London.

This event gave us a chance to discuss topics which came to light during the day (at this time no mention of the recent SUSE sale), but was an opportunity to facilitate meetings and introductions between fellow users of Micro Focus ADM software and to allow knowledge sharing and wider interactive discussion.

The goal of the meeting was to share knowledge, learn from one another, and identify topics for discussion at future events (be they online or face to face). Both Richard Bishop and I welcomed the 15 new Vivit members who attended through registering via the Meetup community page.

Our new Vivit members raised some really interesting topics ranging from experienced practitioners utilising Micro Focus products with connected Internet of Things (IoT) based platforms to enterprise customers looking for guidance on how to best migrate from ALM to Octane:

  • Adopting Enterprise Agile (i.e. SAFe 4.5 which Micro Focus uses internally) with Multi-Modal delivery such as V-Model (CoreIT), Agile (FluidIT), or Lean Start-up (AdaptiveIT) at different delivery paces (Experiments, Stories, or Requirements) and providing portfolio value stream mapping across all modals.
  • Becoming Enterprise AI ready, steps towards Insight-Driven Analytics, Predictive ADM and DevOps Hub (across multiple Micro Focus heritage platforms).
  • Offline mode for testing Internet of Things in remote locations such as Connected Car (C2X) or Infrastructure to Everything (I2X).

Active contribution from the legendary Riccardo Sanna provided essential insight into the Micro Focus camp regarding decentralisation of structured data to enable beyond Application Lifecycle Intelligence (ALI) capabilities to enable predictive analytics.

Along with sharing some of the insights from the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Alliance as part of representing the European Commission community around open source AI and Machine Learning (ML) enabled platforms that could also help provide insight-driven delivery capabilities (such as ReportPortal).
Both Richard and I spoke at the event covering the following topics:

Richard Bishop, Senior Test Engineer at Lloyds Banking Group.

  • Using UFT and LoadRunner within a Jenkins pipeline
  • Planning a migration to Performance Center 12.60

Jonathon Wright, Co-founder of

  • The use of LeanFT with Docker (see below)
  • Using UFT with Legacy platforms such as mainframe (Terminal Services)

The above slides from the Vivit Meetup are now available to download from the event.
After the event we spoke to Raffi Margaliot around his continued commitment to the Vivit Community and how we can work even closer to align with future Micro Focus events.

Call to action – Sign up to the Vivit-Worldwide Meetup community page or email for a Slack invite.


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