Special Interest Group: Software Lifecycle Integration
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Group Leadership

SIG Leader: Jeff Downs

Software Lifecycle Integration SIG

VIVIT Software Lifecycle Integration SIG is a virtual community of software practitioners and managers who discuss how to create tool infrastructures and processes that increase the collaboration and interaction among the members of the software development and delivery team.

Currently, developers, testers, product managers, product owners, project managers, scrum masters, project portfolio managers, operations professionals are all required to work together to define, design, build and deploy applications. And even though there are methods, such as DevOps, that have been created to drive closer collaboration between development and operations, many organizations still have information silos around each discipline.

This group will focus on seamlessly connecting our Micro Focus tools with the third-party tools that inevitably exist in our ecosystems.  We'll share our stories (good and bad), share ideas and work together to eliminate a longstanding pain point in the software development lifecycle.

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